Sumner Studio

Portland, Oregon


Mitas Bows' studio is located in Portland on Northeast 86th Avenue near Alberta Street in the quiet Sumner neighborhood.  Please contact for appointment and address.  


Cabin Studio

Corbett, Oregon


After working in large violin shops for nearly a decade in New York and Philadelphia, Mitas returned to Oregon in 2011 to  build a cabin studio on family land in Corbett.  


Herrmann and Mitas Violins and Bows

Towne Storage Building 2015

Portland, Oregon

In 2015 Mitas joined forces with violinmaker Jamie Herrmann to found "Herrmann and Mitas Violins and Bows" in the Towne Storage building in industrial SE Portland.   After just one year of being there, the building was sold for development.  Fortunately both Herrmann and Mitas have great alternative spaces in their homes to continue their work in Portland. Though unable to continue working in the same space, Herrmann and Mitas remain allies in the field, Luthiers with a common vision, who will continue to collaborate, sharing ideas, inspiration and a community of musicians 

For more information on Jamie, see Herrmann Violins