Jacob Mitas is a violin bow maker and restorer living in Portland Oregon.  Mitas' interest in bow-making began at Bard College while studying viola and writing a thesis on the evolution of bowed instruments.  After graduating in 1999,  Mitas worked at David Kerr's violin shop in Portland OR.  It was there that he met bow-maker Michael Yeats and began an ongoing mentorship.  Since completing his first bow in 2004, Mitas has worked in rare violin shops in New York, Philadelphia and Taipei, restoring rare and valuable bows and violins.  

Now that he has moved back to his hometown of Portland, Mitas focuses his energy on crafting bows inspired by his hands-on study of the great, early French makers.  His bows are currently played by a wide array of musicians including students, teachers, fiddlers, concert masters and internationally renowned soloists.